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Welcome To My Website

.   Technical Translator. Life Sciences. Information Technology. From English, German, Japanese. Into Spanish. The right skill mix. Accuracy. Timely delivery. State-of-the-art Translation Environment. High productivity. ATA Certification. Continuing Education. Scientific background. Experienced Independent Professional.

Dont let this happen to you!

Well,  mmm…the Japanese text actually reads “Because it’s dangerous, you must not enter”. A translator is not the same thing than a guy armed with a dictionary!

If it's biomedical or IT into Spanish, then look no further

translation - review - localization

Problem Solving

You can place an order and relax. I will take care of everything for your peace of mind. Be assured you will get a timely delivery and a seamless translation with a high standard of quality.

Global Reach

Running a one-man business from my homeoffice or while on the go. With a global client set of companies who are based in 4 continents.

Always On

You can reach me during the project either by email or IM like Skype. For a quick availability check, to discuss a project add-on or just for the fun of it!

Knowledge Matters

Yes I am a bookworm – and I keep reading all the time across very technical fields- I can understand the subject matter and write in a good, natural  Spanish while keeping the meaning conveyed in the source text with accuracy.

translators wordwide (source Translators Association of China (TAC), a quarter of whom are freelancers.

Standing Out (from a crowd)

There are many translators out there in a global market  –  so my advice is “go with a real pro”, and of course, choose among the best ones available –  if my profile matches what you are looking for, I dare to say that regarding biomedical and IT translation into Spanish I’m second to none. 1433643260_Medal-2

I’m Ready to Be Copied!!

working languages: EN,DE,JA,ES

translation projects so far (Jan. 2020)

years in the business

words translated and growing

The Perfect Skill Mix

leveraging life sciences, computer science and languages

A scientist at heart

My background is  a 5-year Degree in Molecular Biology & Biochemistry (U.A.M.), supplemented with some postgrad studies in Biotechnology (Master program, Business School) and a few years more spent at the Philosophy College, distant education program, UNED.

IT Core

>15 years working for IBM in a range of technical positions, namely System Engineer, IT Consultant and Life Sciences Specialist do make a difference. Computer tweaking has always been a lifelong hobby for me as well. My first computer was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum with 48K RAM and now I am doing evil things to a little Raspberry Pi for the fun of it

A passion for languages

Currently I translate from English, German and Japanese into Spanish and in my fields of expertise only – trying not to spread myself too thin – but in my free time I can’t help learning other languages, for instance now I am taking classes of Mandarin Chinese.


As a translator, I am certified by the American Translators Association (ATA), and I hold other stringent professional Certifications like the MCSE by Microsoft or IBM PSE.

What's in The Box ?

Forefront Technologies

I am proud of a custom-made TEnT, designed by myself. This translation environment is based in a state-of-the-art HW/SW platform where I select best-of breed components for an outstanding productivity and the highest standard of quality you deserve. CAT tools, e-dictionaries, speech-to-text, access to online repositories for specialised terminology and more. The translation environment is coupled with a project management software so I can track every step end to end, from availability request to invoicing. Currently my main equipment includes a fully redundant box with an i7 Quadcore processor and 16GB of RAM, runing the operating system and applications at 64 bits on top of that. Antivirus and incremental backups are also core components of this platform, which can be accessed secure and remotely from mobile devices in case of need when I am not by my desk.
business focus

Focused In Business

If you are price sensitive, do not worry, let’s talk. I am not in the lower segment of the market but I offer an excellent value for the money. Consider all the investment in HW/SW and education, professional associations memberships from my own pocket, and that I am able to work independently, this way freeing up your PM and technical resources. Last but not least, you will save significantly by avoiding delays in the workflow, increase your clients satisfaction and the review stage will be shorter and less expensive!
What services do you offer?
My services portfolio comprises:

  • translation of biomedical materials (e.g. pharmaceutical, healthcare, and IT (hardware, software, services) from English, German and Japanese into Spanish
  • proofreading, review, localization of translations into Spanish for Spain or neutral variants.
  • linguistic validation with the possibility of face to face interviews with subjects
  • on-site work within your premises for linguistic consultancy, special project needs, etc. (up to 2 weeks)
Do you take free tests?
Yes, up to 300 words AND after getting to an agreement on rates, payment terms, etc.
What's your daily throughput?
My daily productivity averages 3000 words per day.
Do you take on small jobs?
There is no such thing as a small job ! My record is a tiny 2-words project so far. A minimum fee applies, though.
How about urgent/weekend work?
My standard is a next-day delivery even if the job is small. Regarding weekend work, no problem, there is a 20% surcharge in place
I have a manuscript for translation, can you take care of it?
Sorry, I can’t afford manuscripts or non-editable formats like faxes or image files.

The Comfort Zone

Familiarised with multiple types of medical and IT-related documents
In the biomedical realm, typically the market demands the following types of documents. Kindly note: the list is not comprehensive.

  •  Case Report Forms (CRFs)
  • Clinical trial documentation
  • Drug registration dossier
  • Hospital discharge summaries
  • Informed Consent Forms (ICFs)
  • Instructions For Use (IFUs)
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems
  • Marketing and advertising collateral, press releases
  • Medical device documentation
  • Medical market research material
  • Medical journal abstracts and articles
  • Package inserts
  • Patents and utility models
  • Patient Information Leaflets (PILs)
  • Product literature
  • Product packaging and labeling
  • Patient questionnaires
  • Regulatory information
  • Scientific papers
  • Study protocols
  • Summary of Product Characteristics (SPCs)
  • Surveys
  • Training material
  • User guides and manuals
  • Websites
Similarly, the IT market has specific materials for translation (localization). Interestingly, there is an overlapping area which is the medical devices document cycle.

  • Web sites
  • Help desk and support staff questionnaires
  • Software GUIs
  • Product (HW, SW, services)  marketing, end user and maintenance technical materials
  • Mobile apps

The Man Behind The Machine

Getting to know each other

If you read all the text above you already know a bunch about me! In this business, getting to know your client is key for success in the long term. And I know you too ! You are a Project Manager working in a LSP, or maybe you are a fellow translator seeking for field expertise to help them in a complex assignment, or a Vendor Manager who is thinking about expanding their external vendors’ pool, or you are someone working for a Pharmaceutical company, a CRO, a smaller biotech, or a member of the staff in a legal practice specialising in intellectual property law i.e. biomedical patents… Whichever your role may be, I can help you. Let’s discuss the details !
Team member

The Team

A cat is the perfect companion for a busy translator. As an expert in ergonomy she knows well when it’s time to stop , thus minimizing the risk of becoming a work-a-holic. Apart from that, a few extra random keystrokes every now and then are always welcome !
My best CAT tool
Jesús Clemente is kanemochi!

Jesús Clemente is kanemochi!

Freelance medical translator

Jesús Clemente is kanemochi. Kanemochi means “millionaire” in Japanese and I have millions of words behind me! The nickname given by my friends at the University when I was learning Japanese brought me good luck and I gave that name to my business when years after I set up as an Indepentent Technical Translator. I had studied Biology (esp. Molecular Biology and Biochemistry). Before becoming an independent translator, I had a former life working for IBM 15+ years. Currently I live and work in a quiet, rural area in Segovia, near Madrid, Spain,  surrounded by pine trees. From time to time I still travel the world to attend conferences, to do some healthy networking with my clients, etc. When I am not working or reading you may meet me walking by Segovia, building miniature model kits or mining and trading cryptocurrency, like bitcoins.

Drop Me a Line

My business card I am always keen to expanding my network! You can reach me by sending an e-mail to or via Skype IM. Chatea conmigo - kanemochi - Jesús Clemente